9 Days and 3100 Miles.

The midwest is boring. There are no mountains to view. Hot springs and geysers are nowhere to be found. Can’t find any faces carved out of rock on a mountain either. But if you pile into a minivan and drive thousands of miles, you can see these things for yourself.

And that is what we did. Me, my wife, my 2 kids, and my in-laws. 9 days and 3100 miles.

We saw Mount Rushmore:

mount rushmore

Yellowstone National Park:

Yellowstone 2

Grand Teton Nation Park:

grand tetons 2

And finally, Wall Drug:

wall drug

It was simply amazing to behold such varied and wonderful features. It was a great combination of God’s handiwork (Yellowstone and Grand Tetons) and man’s workmanship (Mt. Rushmore). I didn’t even mention the Badlands!

For the month of September, I am going to highlight each place I have pictured here. So if you feel up to a road trip, follow me and let’s go!

FYI, this blog is now http://www.twominuteswithtim.com so please, share it with your friends and they can hop in the van on our upcoming trip as well.