The “Gold” in Golden Ticket

A man was wearing a new gold watch he received as a birthday present. While visiting a busy park, he bumped into another person. Only a few seconds passed before he noticed that his watch was missing. He turned to see the pickpocket running away. As loud as he could, he yelled, “AU, that is not your watch”

Hope you enjoyed the chemistry pun!

On a serious note, why is gold so valuable?

When you read the stories of the Bible and gold is mentioned, it means that the stuff made of gold is important. It has high quality. Perhaps it is the best that it can be.

It also represents royalty. Kings and queens wear gold, not commoners.

Jesus was at the wedding in Cana because he had an invite. His ministry, and by extension his power, was not known yet.

But we know more of Jesus because of what our Bibles tell us. Jesus is also the King of Kings. That means he gets to wear a crown.

A crown made of gold. The best kind of crown there is.

Another name for Jesus is Messiah. This mean that he is ‘the anointed one’, the Christ, the Savior.

When you invite the Messiah, he brings meaning into your life.

The ordinary wedding in Cana turned into a magnificent display of the power of God.

Jesus, the Messiah, brought purpose and meaning to that place.

He can do the same for you and I.

If you have read any of my blogs, you know that I typically will use alliteration. I think it helps to remember stuff. So, with that thought in mind, here is a preview of the next two posts:

The Messiah can bring meaning through miracles.

The Messiah can use the mundane to work miracles.

But for now, just know that inviting Jesus is the best idea. He is worth more than gold. There is always value when Jesus shows up.


Golden Ticket = Invitation

This is just a picture from the internet. I did not take the time to watch the movie to see what the ticket actually looked like. No problem.

For my purpose, I am interested in the symbolism of the ticket, not the actual ticket.

Just hold that thought about symbolism for a moment.

Here are the two verses that begin in Ch. 2 of John:

1On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, 2and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. ” NIV

Examine these words with me.

  • On the third day…Jesus had been baptized by John just three days prior. Before that, he was nobody. As in, he had not started his ministry yet. The crowds that yearned for signs and wonders had not yet formed. No one knew what Jesus could do…yet.
  • A wedding took place…weddings in ancient Israel were magnificent events. Lasting many days, there was much joy and feasting. It was common for many family and friends to be a part of all that was happening. Even though weddings are special occasions, they are not unique. They are common. It was normal for a wedding to occur. Along with being common, they were accessible. Anyone could get married or be part of the wedding ceremony. There was nothing out of the ordinary with this wedding.
  • At Cana in Galilee…just another small town. It was near where Jesus would have grown up. But really, nothing stand out about this location.
  • Jesus’ mother was there…perhaps the bride or groom was a family friend of the family. We simply don’t know the details. Mary’s presence is important though, as we will see.
  • And Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding...can you imagine a wedding where Jesus and his rugged band of brothers show up? Probably a single bridesmaid’s dream!

And now we come to the point.

Jesus was invited to a wedding.

Big deal, right? Maybe not at first but ponder this for a moment:

What if you invited Jesus to your ________________? (Put whatever occasion, event, or situation you would like in the blank.)

I ended my previous post with this question: If you were the one sending out golden tickets, who would you invite?

In the biblical story, did the happy couple realize just who it was that they invited when an invite was sent to Jesus?

I doubt it.

You and I have golden tickets to hand out every day.

Going to work or school. Making a meal at home. Spending time with family or friends. Playing golf or having a drink with an old friend.

You get the idea.

Jesus is anxiously waiting to get his golden ticket from you. He really wants to be a part of your life and mine. Yes, our messy, busy, crazy, screwed up lives.

You don’t have a clue as to the possibilities that Jesus brings from being present in your life. I don’t either.

But I think we could stand to find out. Don’t you?

My next post is where we will discover the possibilities of Jesus being at a wedding.

But for now, send out your own invites. Get those golden tickets out there!