Treasure and Ponder

“This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph,” Matthew 1:18

Some versions say espoused or betrothed. We would say engaged.

That means a wedding is on the way!!!

Mary was engaged to Joseph. They were committed. There may have not been a ring like we would typically use today but nonetheless, a wedding was coming soon.

Sometimes the engagement would last up to a year. This was a time to prepare for marriage. The couple would be able to ask God’s blessing on their relationship as husband and wife. Household affairs would have been taken care of at this time. Even the building of a house could be happening. Although not physically together, unfaithfulness at this point would have been considered adultery.

I have performed almost 300 weddings. It is a privilege to sit with couples during their engagement and speak with them. There are some great stories of how he proposed. It really is a special time for young couples. I know life happens but I always encourage each couple to enjoy this time because it goes fast and can be exciting. Hopefully, it is the only time they are ever engaged!

In the case of Mary and Joseph, I think they had similar feelings. Knowing that the time is relatively short before the wedding probably induced (no pun intended here) emotions and feelings of love, honor, respect etc.

And then the bomb dropped.

Pretend you are a fly on the wall when Mary and Joseph are having that conversation. You know, the one where Mary is pleading with him that she has remained pure. The child is from God, not man!

How do you explain that one!?!?

Right from the get-go, God is using the low things of our world to usher in Jesus. This continues with the inn with no rooms, the stable, and the animals. Even a feeding trough for the baby.

Really God, shepherds as a herald for the King of kings?

And Mary is in the middle of all this stuff. She, being a teenager, most likely just passed her adolescence years, is having to carry this ordeal. Again, no pun intended.

But Luke tells us that she treasured and pondered these things.

Parents, how do we deal with the stuff of life?

When we are at a low point, do we treasure and/or ponder?

What is our knee-jerk reaction?

Let’s take a cue from Mary.

Whether we are a parent, soon-to-be-parent, or future candidates for parenting, we can certainly learn from this young but mature woman.

Follow God. Treasure things. Ponder the possibilities.

Who knows what God will bring into the world through us. (Pun intended there)

To My Dad.

Hello Friends!

You may not know this but I have been trying to post on the 1st and 15th of each month. There have been a few days when I missed that mark but for the most part, it has been steady. For October 15th, I was planning remembering my dad. He passed away on the 13th. With the world change I was going through and my computer being broken for a while, I am just getting to the post today. So without further delay…

My dad, Roger Allan Sorbo, was an awesome man. I would need many, many more “two minutes with Tim” to tell all there is to tell about him. I don’t but I can summarize. Here goes:

He was the piano man. With 12 years of classical lessons, my dad could play any song in any style. Give him a piano and let him roll! It was amazing how the music of his life was captured in only 88 keys! One of his favorite things in life was to play the piano. They must have pianos in heaven!?!?!? His music is on CD so if you want to hear it, contact me.

He was the practical man. My dad was a doctor. He had his PhD in Nuclear Chemistry. One does not get such a degree without being highly pragmatic! He drove the car with the best gas mileage. He would multi-task to save time. When we would work in the garden, we would talk about science stuff. So logical and analytical was my dad. We even joked that he didn’t have feelings because he was so practical.

He was the playing man. My dad was a gamer before it was popular. Because of his intelligence it was so hard to ever beat him. We could play Boggle until 2:00 in the morning! He also played golf and softball. My dad loved to play games. It must be genetic because I love to play games as well.

But the my dad was also a pure man. He lived his life for Jesus. At a young age, my dad gave his heart to the Lord. His sins were washed away. Despite having many difficulties later in life, his attitude always reflected his salvation. God saved him. And he knew it. My dad would always remind me that God is in control of his life so why worry. Just get up and do the right thing.


So as I think about my dad, I am sad. He always reviewed each blog before I posted it. Not this one though. Bummer, this one will be a favorite of mine.

Before I go, can I ask you a question? Is God in control of your life?

Thanks dad. I love you and miss you. See you in heaven someday. =-) dad