Fireworks in heaven?

Hi Friends,

I trust your summer is off to a smashing start. For me, I am camping again this weekend. My family of four will fit nicely into our camper. We don’t really fish or hunt. We shoot for more relaxed activities. Throwing a game of Bean Bag Toss is on the docket. Overall, pretty low-key. And then there are fireworks.


I love fireworks. Actually, I love shooting off the fireworks. There is an adrenaline rush. The explosion. Even the smell is pleasant to me.

I wonder if there are fireworks in heaven.

When Christ returns for His church, will there be fireworks to celebrate? Or when a soul surrenders to God, do the angels light of some boomers?

For me, I think so. God is a creative God and so why not. Fireworks in heaven. Sounds cool to me.

Either way, I know I will be there someday, will you?