Lent, pt. 7

It is not about me but about him.

Lent is not about what I can do for God or what I am giving up.

I think Lent is about Jesus. Everything is always about Jesus.

There is a running joke with my chemistry students (I teach high school chemistry at a christian school). When they don’t know the right chemistry answer, I often hear “JESUS”!

asking questions

How many possible electrons are in the second energy level? Jesus!

What two elements bond to make salt? Jesus!

jesus is the answer

I confess, I have been thinking about this season of Lent from my perspective.

What can I give, do, say that will improve my relationship with God.

Well, I think a change is in order.

I want to start looking at Lent as a chance for God to do something.

What does Jesus want out of Lent?

I feel like if I can answer that question, my life won’t ever be the same.

Good night.