Clean as you go

Welcome to 2023! I am saying that now even though April is only 2 days away!

I have not posted since December and now is the time to remedy the situation.

Clean as you go. That is a phrase I first heard close to 40 years ago. And it still rings true today.

My mother told me that at some point while I was watching her cook a meal. It was amazing to me to see how one person could prepare, cut, boil, bake, saute, and even burn (the rolls were always a victim) various foods yet still get it to the table at the same time.

On top of that, she always managed to clean the pans so all that was left was the dinner dishes. That mom of mine. Fanatastic.

Clean as you go.

I just finished cooking pancakes for my chemistry class. You can fill in your own back story on that one.

They ate while I flipped. And then I cleaned everything up after the pancake mix ran dry.

There is a good feeling about that when all the dishes are done. No clutter. One can relax.

True to form, at least as best as I can, here is the connection to the spiritual side of things.

Clean as you go.

The word that comes to mind is confession.

We have all made a mess in the kitchen of our lives. Pots and pans everywhere. The sink is overflowing with dirty dishes. There might even be some bugs floating around the stench.

But then we confess. Jesus helps clean up our lives. Correction, only He can clean our lives. Our efforts fall short. We can’t wash our own sins clean from our lives. That task belongs to Jesus. He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins if we confess.

Jesus is the original Mr. Clean.

If you have a mess before you, go to God in confession. Confess to a friend, a pastor, or a spouse. Easter is coming up so I can’t think of a better time to get a spiritual dishwasher.

No amount of baked-on, greasy, leftover pots and pans is too much for the God who created the universe.

Make a confession a regular part of your routine. Or, in the words of my mom, clean as you go.

God bless – enjoy reconnecting with God in the Easter season.

In fact, more on Easter in the days to come.


One thought on “Clean as you go

  1. Great reminder to keep our lives clean and free of clutter both physically and spiritually. Confession is a powerful tool to help us clean up our messes. Looking forward to reading more about Easter!

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