Summer break!

Welcome to summer! I am thankful for the AC in our home. With high heat and humidity, a cool house brings relief!

It is summer time now. My kids have one and a half days of school left. I have been done for two weeks now.

We have some house projects on our list to accomplish this summer.

Yep, it is officially summer!

Lindsey Software on Twitter: "It is officially Summer! Happy First Day of  Summer day!… "

With that in mind, I am taking a break.

Here is what you can expect from twominuteswithtim this summer:

  1. A post every Tuesday.
  2. Much of the prior content will be resurfacing.
  3. I plan on kicking off again in September.

This will allow me to focus on a novel that I have started. I am making time to write this summer!

Hopefully, you will continue to stay with me. It is fun (and somewhat humbling) to get “likes” and new followers every week.

May this summer be great for you! God bless!

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