Lent, pt. 5

If the speed limit is 65, then people should drive 65. Why is it then, people slow down only when they see a police car?

Maybe one should drive the speed limit because it is the right thing to do.

65 mph

For Lent, the same principle applies. I call it the 40/325 principle.

People go about their business month and after month. Then, almost suddenly, they give up something or do other holy activities for Lent. After Easter, they go back to their regular way of life.

They live regular for 325 days of the year but for 40 days, things change.

Like driving the speed limit, doing the right thing is good simply because it is right.

As a follower of Jesus, why is living in obedience or righteous living only being done part of the time? Shouldn’t I be living for God every day of the year?

Please understand that I realize there are certain times for prayer, fasting, etc.

I am all for making changes in one’s schedule to make time for God. That is what I am trying to do during this Lent season.

People should live right out of love, fear, and respect for God, not because they could get in trouble.

What are my motives during this 40 days?

And that is what I think I need to say:

What is your motive for giving up something during Lent?

You be the judge of your own heart.

And if it means slowing down a bit, I applaud you.

Good night and God bless.

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