Two years…

Today is an anniversary. Are you ready for it?

Today marks the two year anniversary of my dad’s passing.

He was a great man and I learned tons from him.

I do think about him often and so I want to honor him here.

My dad was awesome and I miss him.

If you missed it, here is the post I wrote almost two years ago.

To My Dad.

Thanks for honoring my dad today.

4 thoughts on “Two years…

  1. Thanks for this reminder of your dad, Tim. We smile as we remember his unique sense of humor and the gifts that he shared with all of us. We listen to his CDs from time to time and reminisce about times we were able to spend together as a family. No one played the piano like he did. No one beat us so handily at games and yet left us feeling no less intelligent or skillful in our losing. He and your mom are missed at our family gatherings now, but they will always be in our hearts.

  2. Thought of him this day as well and miss him so much!! I also think and miss your mom as well especially in October! You had great parents as did I. We will be forever thankful for that blessing. I’m grateful you took the time to honor “Unc” today. Jerilyn

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