Board Games: Welcome to my world.

One of my favorite things to do is to play board games. It all started with many Monopoly nights with my sisters. As a family, we would play Compulsion or Acquire. As a junior high kid, I remember my cousins teaching me how to play poker the summers I spent in North Dakota. My kids (ages 7 and 10) like to play games as well. We will play Memory or other simple games and enjoy doing so. Just so you know, the picture of all the games is not my collection. Can’t say that I wouldn’t mind it though. =-)

games on a shelf

But my favorites are more in-depth than Memory, Checkers, or Monopoly. Here are some titles in my collection:

Settlers of Catan

Power Grid


Dungeon Lords

7 Wonders

In these posts, I am going to give you my thoughts about particular games. My reviews will not necessarily teach you how to play the game but it will give you an idea of the overall mechanics and why I like/don’t like it. I am just exposing you to this whole world of tabletop gaming.

If you enjoy games, then I hope this will give more understanding to some games that are unknown to you. Maybe you dislike board games. That is okay. They are not for everyone.

Now that I have your given you a glimpse into my geekiness, I am done writing for now. Coming soon will be my first review. This game is a gateway game. I will explain more next time. Here is a picture of it, can you guess which game?

catan pic


One thought on “Board Games: Welcome to my world.

  1. So, where were you guys playing poker in the summers when you were in ND? Not anywhere that we could see you cousins, I guess. Sorry that you had to learn that game from your ND cousins. Surely, there was something else you guys could have been doing–like shooting bottle rockets!

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