Funnel or Bucket?

Hello friends and family! It is December 2nd right now and I have been reflecting back on 2014 and also looking ahead to 2015.

2014…what a year! Here are few highlights;

  • I celebrated 14 years of marriage to my beautiful wife.
  • My kids are doing well in 1st and 4th grades.
  • I will have performed 50 wedding ceremonies in 2014.
  • In July, I gave the Invocation at the Packer Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.
  • Lastly, I started a blog.

I am sure I could list more but that is not the point.



the point 2



If I am not more like Jesus than I was in 2013 than my list of things I did in 2014 is pointless.

In 2015, I am setting goals and changing things in my life. All for one purpose, to be more like Jesus. If my life is a funnel, being like Jesus is the smallest part, the very tip of the funnel. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, must flow through that one little section. If I am not a funnel than I would probably be a bucket. I would fill up on whatever comes my way. I’d rather be a funnel than a bucket.

So expect some changes with my blog. There might even be times when I will ask for feedback. Feel free to comment when asked or even if you are not asked. I welcome your thoughts.

So get ready friends, 2015 will be full of change. Which one will you be?

funnel2   OR      bucket

One thought on “Funnel or Bucket?

  1. Hi Tim: this is a great reminder and a goal for 2015 – to be that funnel. I am using your devotional from our trip to Haiti this Sunday at the informational meeting;
    Earthquakes are powerful things: Devotional from Pastor Tim: Don’t leave God behind; continue in him. Continue in what you have learned. Use these experiences as a spring board. 2Tim: 3:1-5

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