32850 pounds.

Have you ever laid landscaping block? I have. The picture here is not my house but it is very similiar to the project that my wife and I completed earlier this year.


Because my brain works in odd ways, I thought it would be fun to total up the number of pounds that I lifted during this project. We purchased the blocks, capstones, and bags of sand from a local store. Here is a breakdown of the blocks and their respective weights:

1. 90 Large block, 70 lbs 

2. 30 Small block, 17 lbs 

3. 55 Capstone for large block, 56 lbs 

4. 20 Capstone for small block, 13 lbs 

5. 16 Bags of Sand, 50 lbs


But I didn’t move each block once. I figured that I had to lift each of these items 3 times. Once from the store to my van, another time from the van to the yard, and the final time, from the yard into its position.

So I did the math.

90  x 70 x 3 + 30 x 17 x 3 + 55 x 56 x 3 + 20 x 13 x 3 + 16 x 50 x 3 = 32850 lbs

When I hit total, I was astonished! That is a ton of work…wait, no! It is over 16 tons of work! How cool is that!

So what? Why is that worth writing about?

Let me tell you. I can never lift that much weight by myself. Ever. In fact, no one person could. It is simply too heavy. However, I can lift one block at a time.


I CAN DO ANYTHING, if I move one block at a time.


My prayer for today is this, “Dear God, help me to move one block today so that your will can be accomplished in me and through me, amen.”

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