Lent, pt. 37

Tests, Exams, Quizzes…it seems that every students hates them.

Today, I gave a quiz to my Chemistry students and a test to my General Science class.

test taking

I was bombarded with the usual excuses about not enough time, some students gone, etc.

But I was strong and confidently handed out the papers. It was fun. =-)

Part of Lent involves being tested. Many places in scripture reference tests, trials, or temptations.

I think that Lent can be a good place to go through these tough times.

We know God is gracious and faithful.

If we do fail, there is the safety net of grace to catch us.

I don’t think Lent is about making perfect people. It’s about making trusting people.

As we near Easter, remember that God does not require perfection of us.

He desires our trust.

Do you trust God? Do I?

Let your actions answer that one.


Lent, pt.29

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound…”

I think everyone knows that song.

It is a sweet sound when I think about how God saved me. His grace is powerful!

The first post in this mini-series was posted yesterday.

That post dealt with stopping grace.

This post, will, hopefully, shed light on God’s saving grace.

Ephesians 2:8-9 mentions grace. God’s saving grace.

God’s grace is the only thing that can save us. The only thing.

Nothing we do or say will accomplish anything regarding our salvation.

If we are drowning in the ocean, God’s stopping grace is like the life-preserver being thrown out to us. We grab hold and stop sinking. But have not been rescued yet.

round life preserver

His saving grace is when someone pulls the rope and drags us onto the boat. We were too tired and exhausted to get into the boat ourselves.

Are you in need of a rescue? God’s grace is only one word away!

Tomorrow, there will be one more post about grace. This grace is only given to those who have received the first two types.

Take time, if you have not already, and enjoy God’s stopping grace and saving grace.

And then brace yourself for God’s strengthening grace.

Lent, pt. 28

Yesterday…was April Fools’ Day. I will not be the fool!

But He gives more grace…

Grace. Such a great thing. Amazing, actually.

Over my years, I have experienced three types of grace.

The first grace is, what I call, stopping grace.

God loves us so much that He does not want anyone going to hell. See II Peter 3:9

His grace stops people from being condemned to eternal separation. He is ├╝ber patient.

Just waking up and breathing each morning is witness of this grace.

Whether you read this tonight or in the morning, thank God for His grace.

Without it, we would all be gone.

Sorry if this seems somewhat bleak. No worries, it gets better.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about His saving grace. How sweet it is!

Lent, pt. 27

Happy April Fools’ Day!

To this day, I still don’t know why it is named April Fools’ Day. Probably never will.

Fools’ Day.

Are you a fool? Am I?

Psalm 14:1 says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”


I don’t know about you but I never want that to be a description of my life.

I think there is a God. This same God loves me. Loves me in such a way that I am compelled to live for Him.

I know I can’t earn this affection from Him. I just need to accept it.

Take stock of your life right now. Let His love fill your heart. He wants to be near you.

Will you be foolish and ignore Him?

I hope not. If you have been turning your back on God, no worries. He gives more grace.

But more about that tomorrow.


Lent, pt. 4

Today I helped my neighbor remove an old vanity from their bathroom. Then, with the help of a different neighbor, we hauled in the new vanity.

I am not a plumber so I didn’t do anything further with the remodel project.

vanity removal

It was really enjoyable to help someone in need. I had the expertise (I use that term loosely), and they asked for my help.

It was a great day.

And then I realized that Lent could be the same way.

Maybe you are struggling. Perhaps the goals you set are out of reach. I feel the same way. In fact, I may have set pretty high expectations for myself. Will I obtain them? Not sure…

Anyway…people helping people is a fantastic thing.

If you are able to help someone during this season, go for it. Helping can be so many things, not just bathroom remodeling.

Helping or being helped? Does not matter because God’s grace and mercy can shine through in both situations.

God bless.